Laura Ashley Interior Design Program

  • Interior Design professionals save on Laura Ashley fabric* and wall covering*
  • 20% off all full price fabric and wall covering sold on
  • Order up to 8 free fabric and wall covering swatches
  • One-on-one customer service to help make your shopping experience enjoyable
  • Exclusive discounts

How It Works:

  • Fill out the Application Form. Once completed, email a copy of the signed form to
  • Each application will be reviewed. Once application has been processed, you will be notified via email of the approval status. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing of application.
  • An account number will be issued to all approved interior design professionals.
  • Once you receive confirmation of your account number, you can call 1-855-396-6100 and immediately begin ordering Laura Ashley fabric and wall coverings. Hours of operation are 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST.
  • A design service professional will be available to assist you with the ordering process.

*All approved interior design program participants are eligible to receive 20% off full price fabrics and wall coverings sold via

The Laura Ashley Interior Design Program is not valid at retail stores or

See Terms & Conditions for full details on this program.




1. Who can apply for the Laura Ashley Interior Design Program?

       The program is designed for qualified interior design and architect firms.


2. Is the Laura Ashley Interior Design program available to designers outside of the United States?

        No, only approved interior designers residing in the United States can purchase products through the Interior Design        



3. Can design and architect students apply for the program?

        No, the discount program is only for established interior designers and architects.


4. Is the discount valid at retail stores?

        No, participants can only use the discount for fabric and wall covering products sold via


5. Can I use the discount at

        No, is a separate division. The Laura Ashley Interior Design Program is only valid at      


6. Can I use the discount at Laura Ashley stores in Europe and around the world?

        No, the Laura Ashley Interior Design Program is not valid at any Laura Ashley retail store.


7. Is the discount valid on all products sold via

        No, the discount is for full price fabric and wall covering only.


8. Can the discount be used to purchase items on sale?

         No, the Laura Ashley Interior Design Program allows 20% off full price fabric and wall covering items only.


9. Are swatches available for fabric and wall coverings?

        Yes, up to 8 free swatch samples are available for both fabric and wall covering. They can be ordered by calling              



10. Can product purchased through the Laura Ashley Interior Design Program be resold?

        All items ordered via the Laura Ashley website must be purchased for the sole purpose of conducting business with an    

        individual client, and cannot be sold to the general public through retail stores, internet, printed materials or by any other



11. Can I transfer my discount to someone else?

        The discount is for authorized professional interior designers. Only participants who have applied and have received

         approval for the program will be allowed to purchase products at the discounted rate.


12. How do I place an order?

        All available items are listed on To place an order, call 1-855-396-6100.


13. How do I pay for my order?

        Orders can be paid for by Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover Card or Pay Pal.


14. What is your return policy?

        See full details under the general returns policy section of this website.


15. What are the operating hours?

        Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. All items ordered after 2:00 p.m. EST will be

        shipped the next business day.