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Wallpaper Buying Guide


From heritage designs and dreamy florals to contemporary prints, transforming your home has never been easier with our extensive range of elegant wallpapers. Printed in the UK and easy to hang, our innovative paste the wall wallpaper means you can simply apply the paste to the wall and hang the paper to dry. No fuss or pasting table necessary and when you fancy a change, removing it couldn't be easier.



What is Paste the Wall Wallpaper? 

The Laura Ashley wallpaper collection is printed on a Non-Woven or, as is more commonly known ‘Paste the Wall’ substrate making the installation far quicker, easier and cleaner to hang than when using standard wallpaper. 

The special base means that the paper will not shrink so there’s no need for soaking time, simply paste the wall, hang direct from the roll, smooth down then trim. This method can cut normal installation time by half. Refer to the reverse of the label for full hanging instructions.

The paste the wall base also means that the product is fully strippable, so, when it’s time for the wallpaper to be removed it strips off easily, no need for steaming and scraping.

Laura Ashley paints, wallpaper paste and paste kits are also available ensuring you have all the equipment you need for your decorating project.


Four diagrams depicting: Paste the wall wallpaper, Hang from the roll, Trim the ends and Easy to hang.


What is a batch number?

Wallpaper is printed in batches; it is important that all your rolls are from the same batch to avoid any colour variations when your paper is hung. If you have rolls from mixed batches, this can result in small differences in pattern and colour which may be visible once the paper is hung.

The batch number is located on the roll label. Please note that we do not keep a record of which batch is sent for each individual order, so it is important that you make a note of the batch number and keep it safe.

Our warehouse will check that the batch numbers are the same prior to dispatch, however, please double check this before starting your project. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our customer service team who will be happy to help. Please click here for customer service.


What if I need another roll from a specific batch?

If you need another roll from a specific batch, you will need to contact us here, and we can check our stock for you. If we have the batch that you need our Customer Service team will advise on how to place your order. We cannot guarantee we will have extra stock of all batch numbers, so we encourage you to purchase enough rolls to complete your project. Any unopened rolls can be returned. 


How many rolls will I need?

We recommend considering the pattern repeat and wastage when working out how many rolls are needed. Please refer to the chart below to help with calculating how many rolls are required. It’s always better to overestimate. Opened wallpaper cannot be returned.


Wallpaper buying guide chart. Instructions are on the left. Repeat size is the middle column. Usable yield roll in third column.


Rolls required per project chart. First column is wall height from base boards. Second column is distance around the room in foot including doors and windows.


What paste should I use?

For best results use Laura Ashley paste which is sold individually, or available as a pasting kit which includes a paste tray, roller, plumb line, paste and smoothing tool. 

One bag of Laura Ashley paste provides enough paste to hang approximately 8 rolls of wallpaper.


How much of the wall should I paste?

Don’t paste the entire wall before starting to hang your wallpaper. Simply paste one section at a time and work around the room methodically.


Can I hang new wallpaper over existing wallpaper?

It is possible but we do not recommend.  It can be done if you are hanging over a flat wallpaper, but it is not possible to hang over textured or vinyl products, as the new paper will not adhere. It is always better to strip off any existing paper and line the wall. This will almost always give a better finished result.


What types of paint should be used with paintable wallpaper?

We would recommend using the Laura Ashley matt emulsion.  To choose your perfect colour we recommend ordering a tester pot to ensure you are happy with your choice.  It’s a good idea to paint a piece of paper and hang on each wall in the room so you can see how the paint looks in different light.


How do I clean wallpaper?

Check the roll symbols for the washability of the product – most wallpapers can be cleaned using a damp, clean sponge, or cloth.


Chart describing icons: Paste the Wall, Spongeable, Strippable.



We know that viewing wallpaper on a screen can be difficult to do, and that many of our wallpapers have a texture as well, so we offer a sampling service. We recommend ordering a sample to ensure colour and print accuracy.

To order a sample, view the particular wallpaper you are interested in and click the 'Order Sample' button or shop directly from the wallpaper samples here. Samples are approximately 8.5” x 11” and are $4.00 each. Samples are not eligible for return.



Opened wallpaper cannot be returned unless confirmed defective by Laura Ashley. Samples are not eligible for return. Laura Ashley can only accept return merchandise that has been purchased from Returned rolls must be unopened and in the original plastic packaging. Please contact us by email at: or at our toll free number: 1-855-396-6100 Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m. EST. for a return authorization.  Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.


Paint Buying Guide

Created using the richest pigments for depth of colour and even results. The Laura Ashley Paint Collection Paint ( has been meticulously tested to ensure consistency of colour and stunning results which beautifully complement our wallpaper range.

All Laura Ashley paints are water-based, low odour, and ultra-low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Our paint is also breathable, which means it allows moisture to easily flow through the surface to reduce condensation, mold and mildew, and ensure a perfect lasting finish. Laura Ashley paint is made in England and supplied in a recyclable steel can.

Tester Pot (100ml/3.4oz)
Sample pots are available in all Laura Ashley matte emulsion paint colours. When choosing a colour we recommend you purchase a tester pot and paint onto a 8.5”x11” piece of paper to use as swatch rather than directly onto the wall. This will enable you to move the swatch around the room to ensure you’re happy with the colour in different lights.

Matte Emulsion
A high quality water-based paint with a sophisticated soft matte finish, suitable for interior walls and ceilings.

 Matte Emulsion Paint Chart


Interior Eggshell (Comparable to Semi-Gloss)
A high quality water-based eggshell finish emulsion, suitable for interior trim and woodwork, providing a tough, washable and easy to maintain surface.

 Eggshell Paint Chart


Primer and Undercoat
A high quality water-based bonding primer for wood, MDF, metal, melamine, PVC and ceramic tiles.

Using a primer/undercoat is the best way to ensure a flawless finish with any of our eggshell trim paints. Our Primer and Undercoat is quick drying, fills in minor imperfections and has excellent hiding power meaning it assists with the topcoat adhesion and helps to promote a smooth, even finish. Suitable for interior use only.

Primer Undercoat Chart



  • Open windows for good ventilation
  • Recommended room temperature for painting should be between 46-86*F
  • We recommend using good quality synthetic brushes
  • Make sure the surface is clean, dry, and free from dust or grease
  • Ensure any necessary repairs have been completed
  • Make sure products and tools are correct for the project

Primer/Undercoat and Trim Paint

  • Stir paint for at least 3 minutes
  • If using more than one tin, mix the tins together to ensure even colour
  • Load brush or roller well
  • Don’t overwork the paint
  • Keep a wet edge
  • Recoat after the recommended time for your specific paint
  • Allow trim paint to flow out

For Best Results

  • Allow the paint to fully dry (cure) – our paint reaches full durability after 4 weeks
  • To clean we recommend using a clean sponge or soft cloth with lukewarm water – don’t scrub or press too hard
  • If necessary mild detergent or diluted dish soap may be used
  • Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners or sponges







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