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Ballerina Star - 10pc Disposable Kids Face Masks

Ballerina Star - 10pc Disposable Kids Face Masks


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We used fun and whimsical Laura Ashley prints to create these adorable Face Masks for Kids. Our new 10pc Ballerina Star disposable protective face masks are 3-ply, fully adjustable high-stretch elastic loops and adjustable nose clip for a comfortable and secure fit. A convenient way to keep your kids safe as well as stylish. One size fits most children.

Includes 10 3-ply non-medical disposable face masks
- Face Mask expands to cover your nose, mouth, and chin
- Comfortable ear loop design
- Adjustable nose clip for a secure fit
- One Size fits most children (Measurements 5.83"x 3.83")
- Single use, do not wash

Special Instructions:
Nose clip should be unfolded fully before wearing it.
Closely fit mask over your nose, mouth, and chin without gaps.
Press nose clip down and secure clip around nose.


US Title






100% Non-Woven Polypropylene;
3ply: Top layer 25gsm non-woven, Middle layer is filter, and Base is 25 gsm non woven
Ear Loop: 100% Nylon


5.83 in x 3.83 in

Care Instructions

Discard after use