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What’s Hot: 2019’s Biggest Interior Trends

From fresh nautical blues to zesty lemon hues and fresh florals, get ready to embrace lots of energetic, vibrant colours this season.

Blog 2

Laura Ashley Interviews Artist Jenny Fuller from “The Doodle Bee”

Using several Laura Ashley home accent pieces, Jenny demonstrates just how easy it is to blend different home trends in order to create a beautiful, yet livable space.

Blog 3

Inside: Laura Ashley The Tea Room At Highbullen Hotel

Step inside and experience the great British tradition of Afternoon Tea in style, as we share the journey of the official launch of our newest Tea Room.

Blog 4

Easy Lemon Bundt Cake Recipe

Baking a cake with the kids is always the best solution to keep them busy for a little while. Everyone has fun and we get some yummy treats too, totally a winning situation!